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Style city- Thames & Hudson- edition 2003.-

Style city- Thames & Hudson- edition 2003.-

Style city- Thames & Hudson- edition 2003.- Barcelona Bright young thing When the children of a hotelier based in Barcelona wanted to start an enterprise of their own, it was no surprise that they chose the hospitality industry. But for people brought up on luxury accommodation the hostal gat raval is something of a departure. It speaks of their youthful ingenuity that they realized a gap in the market for good simple service that would attract young travellers and members of the more experienced set who were more concerned with good value than frills. So the gat raval was born, fusing a bright, high-tech look with basic accommodation. The location, too, is appropriate, in the heart of the raval, not far from the artistic buzz MACBA on a street whose formerly less inviting establishments are being redesigned and refurbished to bring in new, trendy spots. “Cool and clean” is their mantra, and that is the overall feeling. The rooms have different layouts and views (it’s worth bearing in mind that the 24 rooms, only eight have private baths), some of which take in the MACBA and some overlook an inner courtyard. Against the profusion of light and air, green and black elements fill every room, and each features a lighted photographic scene of the Raval area. Guests have to go out for food, but with the Rambla and La Boqueria so close by, as well as the profusion of ethnic and designer restaurants in the area, finding something good to eat is more a question of choosing between options than of finding something suitable.

Headoffices Barcelona
Carrer Ávila 24.28 M1. 08005 Barcelona
Tel.: + 34 93 221 04 56 // Fax: + 34 93 224 00 86

Hostal Gat Xino Barcelona
Carrer Hospital, 155 – 1º. 08001 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 324 88 33 // Fax + 34 93 324 88 34

Hotel Gat Point Charlie Berlin
Mauerstrasse 81-82. 10117 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 20 67 17 47 // Fax. +49 30 20 05 91 20

Hotel Gat Rossio Lisboa
Rua do Jardim do Regedor nº 27-35. Lisboa
Tel. +35 1 213 478 300 // Fax. 35 1 213 478 300

Hotel Gat Folies París
14 Rue Geoffroy Marie. 75009 Paris (Opéra)
Tél.: +331 44 83 67 15 // Fax: +331 42 46 91 23