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Come and meet us


Come and meet us

Who we are

Gat Rooms is formed by Alex (who studied at the School of Hotel and Restaurant Management of Barcelona) and Bibiana Serra (Business Management and Administration). We both belong to a family of urban hotel managers that founded the Clavel Hotels chain. The experience contributed by our father, Jaume Serra, together with the knowledge added by travelling a lot and knowing the world, makes us desire to change the hotel business. At the beginning, we wanted to create a chain of five-star hostels offering good beds, cleanliness and central location. This idea, however, has developed into a more ambitious project. There was a gap in the hotel market that we have covered with our product. Using restored buildings of old areas of what is now known as Gat Cities, where you can find non-traditional hostels and hotels that are perceived as the best option for their quality-price relation. This is Gat Rooms: Design, five-stars beds, maximum cleanliness, excellent locations and extraordinary prices. A new concept in urban, designer, modern and functional accommodation, offering the complete comfort and service of a hotel but at very affordable prices. Gat Xino and Gat Raval, in Barcelona, are our letter of introduction and the beginning of a project that is leading us to new Gat Cities. Know us and discover how you could have whatever you want at a price that fits your budget.

Gat Rooms: A philosophy

Join our philosophy Sleep Smart! Discover with us that now it is possible to stay in the centre of the Gat City's at the price that better fits your budget. Because we know it is possible to sleep good and cheap, at Gat Rooms we offer a new concept of trendy, comfortable and clean, urban, modern, curious, naughty… as the cat that lives in you. A hotel designed for you and with a service ready to let you know the countless possibilities that the city offers. Confort, service, relax, party, atmosphere, latest trends… Make the maximum of your visit, we offer all the information about the culture, the exhibitions, the most amazing activities and the coolest night entertainments of the city to have a complete stay in all senses. Gat Rooms is much more than a hotel; it is an experience we would like you to enjoy with us. And remember, Sleep Smart! you can have whatever you want at a price that fits your budget.

Headoffices Barcelona
Carrer Ávila 24.28 M1. 08005 Barcelona
Tel.: + 34 93 221 04 56 // Fax: + 34 93 224 00 86

Hostal Gat Xino Barcelona
Carrer Hospital, 155 – 1º. 08001 Barcelona
Tel. +34 93 324 88 33 // Fax + 34 93 324 88 34

Hotel Gat Point Charlie Berlin
Mauerstrasse 81-82. 10117 Berlin
Tel. +49 30 20 67 17 47 // Fax. +49 30 20 05 91 20

Hotel Gat Rossio Lisboa
Rua do Jardim do Regedor nº 27-35. Lisboa
Tel. +35 1 213 478 300 // Fax. 35 1 213 478 300

Hotel Gat Folies París
14 Rue Geoffroy Marie. 75009 Paris (Opéra)
Tél.: +331 44 83 67 15 // Fax: +331 42 46 91 23